• May 20, 2024

Geothermal energy: what’s geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is a sustainable electricity supply this is in particular used for heating new houses and workplace buildings. What precisely is geothermal strength and what approximately geothermal strength expenses?

What is geothermal heat?
Geothermal energy is thermal energy from the earth. Geothermal energy may be extracted by using the temperature difference among the earth’s floor and the warmth reservoirs located deep within the earth. The warm water from the earth is transported to the earth’s floor, making it usable as warmness in your private home or to generate strength. Geothermal energy is a shape of sustainable electricity, because geothermal strength does no longer run out.

When geothermal electricity is extracted deep in the floor (from 500 metres), we communicate of deep geothermal energy. Does the heat come from shallow layers of the earth (as much as 500 meters)? Then there is communicate of ground heat.

Geothermal expenses
The largest purpose why deep geothermal energy is less famous in the Netherlands is the cost of geothermal power. Because it is tough to extract deep geothermal power in the Netherlands, it is costly and consequently does now not yield a whole lot. But, why are the expenses of deep geothermal energy so high?

The production of a geothermal energy plant could be very steeply-priced and might amount to millions of euros. In addition, the soil composition in the Netherlands isn’t always suitable for deep geothermal electricity, which means that take a look at drilling ought to be done. These take a look at drillings aren’t reasonably-priced. For this motive, geothermal heat and water are in particular used within the Netherlands.

Ground warmness in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, geothermal warmth is extracted with the aid of so-called geothermal warmness exchangers. This is a closed pipe system that goes up to one hundred meters into the ground. This pipe machine contains liquid (with antifreeze) that flows thru the nice and cozy bottom and is heated there.

The heated liquid then flows again up again. Large-scale warmth pump systems on the surface take over the warmth from the pipes and make sure that (new-construct) houses and enterprise are provided with geothermal warmness.

Soil water: the herbal warmth regulator
Another shape of ground heat is ground water. This certainly heated water may be determined at a depth of 20 to three hundred meters within the ground. Soil water is extraordinarily appropriate for heat exchange, because water can take in a quite huge quantity of warmth and funky it!

Soil water stays at a regular temperature. In iciness, the warm water is therefore used to warmth up buildings, after which the water is then pumped again into the floor. In addition, the bloodless floor water may be pumped up inside the summer season to cool heat air in buildings.

Difference geothermal and geothermal warmness
Deep geothermal and geothermal heat each have the identical aim, specifically the sustainable heating of houses and different buildings. However, there are some of variations between deep geothermal warmness and geothermal heat. We listing the largest differences:

Deep geothermal warmness Geothermal warmth
From 500 meters deep. Up to 500 meters deep.
Heat coming from the Earth’s center. Heat from the sun.
Burns natural gasoline and coal in an environmentally pleasant manner, and heats houses. Heats homes, buildings and greenhouses.

Geothermal warmness pump: extracting geothermal energy yourself
You can also extract geothermal energy thoroughly yourself! Because in addition to those big geothermal warmness pump structures, there also are warmness pumps that you may have mounted at domestic.

At home you can regularly opt for an air supply warmth pump or a ground source heat pump. A geothermal warmness pump generates geothermal heat through a pipe system that goes 70 meters into the floor. The advantage of a geothermal warmness pump is that it warms your own home inside the winter and maintains it cool in the summer season. So a pleasing investment!

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